February 2020 A&E Newsletter

Architectural and Ecological Control Committee

February 2020 Newsletter

Greetings form the AEC Committee! The purpose of our committee is to review requests from homeowners for renovations and additions to their homes. In addition, the committee reviews plans for new construction of homes. We also review requests for tree removals whether it is combined with renovations, new constructions or just to remove a tree. The committee meets monthly on the third Thursday of the month.

In conducting our reviews, the committee follows the design and ecology reference guide (revised May 19, 2018). This guide is available on the MPOA website (www.massanuttenvillage.com). To quote the guide “the purpose of the A&ECC is to promote an attractive, harmonious residential community that will have lasting appeal…” We encourage all homeowners to review this guide if they are contemplating an exterior improvement or tree removal. If you have a question about the guide or your project you should call MPOA Administrator Carter Miller or committee liaison Sheri Snyder at 540-289-9466. Approval of your project by the committee ensures that you are in compliance with the Protective Covenants and Restrictions and the Rules and Regulations of MPOA. Failure to obtain approval can be considered a violation and can be referred to the Rules Committee which may result in a fine to the homeowner.

One very important item is your 911 address. If this is not posted on your property, as required, your request will not be considered. Also, when time is of the essence in response to a 911 call, the visibility of the address is needed to guide first responders to your home.

In this edition of our newsletter, let’s discuss tree removal. Dead trees can be removed without permission however as a courtesy, we ask that homeowners call the office and let Sheri or Carter know. Tree removal is addressed on page 20 of the Guide.

Best wishes from the AEC Committee, your neighbors
Suzanne, Cheryl, Jim, Walter and Liz