July A&E Newsletter

July 2020 A E C Committee Newsletter

So, you are contemplating planting a garden and wondering how on earth you can keep the deer away! There certainly are ‘deer resistant’ plants, but our experience is when the deer are hungry they are not ‘resisting’.  We also have to consider fire resistant plantings.  The Firewise Committee recommends eliminating pine trees or on the ground evergreen plantings.  When our season is dry, the evergreens act like a lit match when confronted with a forest fire, taking the flames right up to the canopy where a fire spreads very easily.  But, back to your flower garden.  Go for the deer resistant varieties and plant mint, rosemary, and/or sage among the flowers.  Deer hate smelly leaves and will bypass flowers planted among them.

If you are considering shrubs, also choose deer resistant and supplement your planting with a deer repellent spray (available at Home Depot and Lowes) all natural and if you are consistent, it does work. Typically, deer like the tender new plantings and tend to bypass the more established plants.  So bigger may be better.

Here are some helpful websites: https://www.plantnovanatives.org/deer-and-native-plants   http://blandy.virginia.edu/arboretum/deer-resistant-plants   https://mgnv.org/2018/03/21/plants-that-deer-avoid-usually/


Are you thinking the exterior of your home may need a change? Perhaps just a coat of paint is needed. When you submit your request to the committee please be sure to include a color sample. You might ask if the committee does not like certain colors. Typically, we prefer earth tones, colors that blend well with out natural wood surroundings, i.e. browns, tans, greens, grays, etc. If you prefer to install vinyl siding

you can do that is well, using an earth tone color. Maybe you think your deck or porch needs painting or staining as well, no problem just submit your request with your color sample. Use of vinyl deck products is also allowed and please be sure to submit your sample.


If you have any questions or need help submitting your request please contact Sheri Snyder 540-289-9466, ssnyder@massanuttenvillage.com


The A E C Committee: Suzanne, Cheryl, Jim, Lee, Ben and Liz