MPOA Firewise Notice – February 28, 2020

We’re in Spring Wildfire Season – Let’s Be Careful Out There…

 We are in Virginia’s Spring Wildfire Season which runs from 15 February through 30 April.

During this time, the trees have not yet developed foliage to shield the ground clutter from the hot sun, quickly drying things out, making fallen leaves and branches brittle and easily ignited. Along with the gusty winds which we have been having, this is a combination which could lead to quickly spreading fires.

 Please be mindful of ignition sources – barbecue grills, hot ashes from fireplaces, tossed cigarettes, and sparks from fire pits. Never dump ashes in the woods – although the coals may feel cool on the outside, fires have been known to rekindle hours later due to persistent winds and the hot rays of the sun.

Remember, open fires are prohibited within Massanutten Village.

 Take some time before the wind starts blowing again to clean flammable clutter away from your home, clearing leaves from under porches and decks where they may have collected over the winter months.

 Together we can safely welcome Spring and enjoy our beautiful mountain as it comes to life.

 [Info provided on behalf of the MPOA Firewise Committee]


Post expires at 11:45am on Sunday May 10th, 2020