Newsletter from MPOA Board President – Liz Walker June 18 2020

Greetings Property Owners

I just wanted to bring you up to date on a few matters. First, we formally completed the filing of arbitration this week. As we move through this process, I will keep you informed as much as possible. Second, we will open the pool for lap swim and have sent out a blast email with the time and how to sign up to swim. We know that everyone would like to be at the pool on a hot day but we will have to wait for the Governor to allow more use of the pool. Please help us by respecting social distancing while at the pool to keep our staff and swimmers safe. Third, the Hopkins Park playground is open for use, but it will not be cleaned or disinfected. Again, social distancing and mask wearing can help keep us all safe. Fourth, as you know Utilities Inc. has filed for a rate increase. Due to the Covid virus they were not allowed to implement the increase until October. Board member Orris Hambleton is assembling a small group to analyze the documents submitted to come up with points to challenge the rate increase. These points can be used to speak at a hearing and/or send comments to the SCC. We are also considering a petition drive. You might be thinking why is MPOA not doing anything? Corporate entities joining as participants must be represented by legal counsel and there may be the need to hire experts, all of this is costly. The last time MPOA participated Carter Miller said it cost about $60,000. This is money we did not budget for. We have lost amenity revenue due to closing and having a limited re-opening to be in compliance with the Governor’s Phase 2 order. The board feels we need to do everything possible to finish the year without a loss. We feel if we can mount a good citizen campaign we will be heard. One final comment on the utilities, Rockingham County is pursuing purchasing the plant. I have had several good conversations with our supervisor Mike Breeden, and he knows we need this to happen. Finally, our July meeting will be held via Zoom and we encourage everyone to participate. Sign in instructions will be sent out before the meeting. If you have any concerns please email me , Carter Miller , all board members emails are on our web site.

Stay safe and well, Liz Walker, Board President