Amenities & Benefits

Being a property owner at Massanutten Village is an experience that you will appreciate more each year that goes by. The Massanutten Property Owners Association is the governing body for the property owners within Massanutten Village. Some of the MPOA functions and facilities and the benefits that derive to homeowners are described in the following paragraphs.

MPOA Administration Office

The MPOA administration office is open Monday through Friday nine to five. The office is located at the front entrance to Massanutten Village.


MPOA Maintenance Department

The MPOA has a maintenance department responsible for facility and street maintenance (including snow removal) and maintenance of the common areas. The department can also provide a variety of maintenance services to homeowners.

MPOA Facilities

Members in good standing are entitled to use MPOA facilities. MPOA facilities include tennis courts (lighted), Massanutten Go Karts, Miniature Golf, Bungee Jump, Ice Cream Shop an outdoor heated swimming pool, two playgrounds, a park with picnic shelters. a ballfield, reserved parking at the ski area, and stocked fishing ponds. Members are also entitled to discounts at the Great Eastern timeshare facilities, however the amount and conditions of these discounts are discretionary with them.

MPOA Administrator

The administrator for MPOA is Mr. Carter Miller. He is typically available nine to five Monday through Friday and welcomes the opportunity to meet you in person and answer any questions you may have. You may email Carter at

MPOA Protective Covenants

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of living at Massanutten Village is the extensive protective covenants designed to keep the village always green and beautiful. An Architectural and Ecological Control Committee serves to review and approve all new construction and modifications to existing structures. Other covenants and restrictions serve to keep Massanutten Village in a pristine state by restricting fences, signs, and other unsightly objects.

MPOA Board of Directors

MPOA is governed by a Board of Directors elected from within the homeowners of Massanutten Village. This allows the homeowners to manage their association.

MPOA Owner’s Privileges with I.D.

  • Use of the Family Entertainment Center Pool from Memorial Day until Labor Day
  • $3 Discounts on Mini Golf, Bumper Cars, Go Karts and Bungee Dome Labor Day thru Memorial Day
  • Fishing in both ponds with valid Virginia fishing license