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October 2018 MPOA Newsletter

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Bear Information

Living with Black Bears in Virginia

Get more information and view the video on bears from the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.
WARNING! Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Regulation: 4 VAC 15-40-282. Unauthorized feeding of bear.

It shall be unlawful for any person to place or distribute food, minerals, carrion, or similar substances to feed or attract bear. Nor, upon written notification by department personnel, shall any person continue to place or distribute any food, mineral, carrion or similar substance for any purpose if the placement of these materials results in the presence of bear in such numbers or circumstances to cause annoyance or inconvenience to any person, cause property damage, or endanger any person or wildlife. After such notification, such person shall be in violation of this section if the placing, distribution, or presence of such food, minerals, carrion, or similar substances continues. This section shall not apply to wildlife management activities conducted or authorized by the Department.

The bears appear to be looking for food. With this in mind, you should remove bird feeders and secure your trashcans. There are two bear proof dumpsters here on the mountain. One at Hopkins Park and one at the Stonewall Terrace Pool Parking Lot

Meeting Room

Having a Birthday, Anniversary or Reunion? Need more space? Why not consider the newly remodeled MPOA basement meeting room? MPOA Property Owners can rent the room for just $100.00 plus $100.00 security deposit. Timeshare Owners outside their week for $200.00 plus $100.00 security deposit. All day events will be $300.00 plus $100.00 security deposit. Remember we ask that you clean up after yourself! Call the MPOA Office at 540/289-9466 for more information and availability.

Hopkins Park Shelters

Reserve the shelters at Hopkins Park for a picnic, birthday party or reunion!  For a small fee property owners can reserve a shelter for up to 4 hours for your special event. There are three shelters to choose from. Call the MPOA office for more details 540-289-9466!

MPOA Library

Your MPOA Library is stocked with all kinds of books, audio books and even some video tapes. Please use this wonderful resource! No fines! Just take out a book, etc., and bring it back when you are finished with it. We ask that you return things to the carton that is provided, as there is a “method to our madness” and the volunteer staff would like to keep things in order. We have a section for fiction on the left which is alphabetized by author. Due to the irregular height of the shelves, the shorter books are above and the two bottom shelves are for the larger books, starting over from A to Z. The upper right shelves hold “romance novels” (although it is hard to distinguish just what belongs there sometimes) and the rest of the books on the right side are non-fiction: self help, biography, miscellaneous. The middle section holds audio and video, as well as kids’ books, politics, religion and history. We also have a very small section of LARGE PRINT books there, and could certainly use more. If you have a special book you want to share, please consider donating it to the library. Just put it in the carton, or lay it on the floor in front of the shelves for the “staff” to put on the shelves. Thank you and enjoy your reading, listening and possibly watching! Your library volunteers: Shirley, Chris and Millie.

Living with Black Bears in Virginia