Architectural and Ecological Control Committee

Currently consists of seven appointed MPOA members. They meet the 2nd Thursday of each month at 3:00 PM at the MPOA building.  Article VI Section 2 of the By-Laws: “This committee shall consist of at least five (5) members appointed by the board of directors, serving a term of three years, and shall exercise all the powers set forth in the Protective Covenants and Restrictions. A majority of members of this committee shall be full-time residents of the community.”

Article VI Section 2

“This committee shall consist of at least five (5) members appointed by the directors, serving a term of three years, and shall exercise all the powers set forth in the Protective Covenants and Restrictions. A majority of the members of this committee shall be full-time residents of the community. Specifically, whether set forth in all the Covenants to all subdivisions or not the committee shall have the right to approve all plans for dwellings placed or altered on any lot and the right to enforce building or construction codes now or hereafter adopted by the association, whenever such code is more restrictive than the code or codes of Rockingham County, Virginia. The committee shall have the right to refuse to approve plans or specifications upon any reasonable grounds, including purely aesthetic considerations. No alterations may be made and approved to plans after construction has commenced except by and with the written consent of the committee. No alterations in the exterior appearance of any building or structure shall be made without like approval of the committee. In exercising its powers, the committee shall not be unreasonable and shall apply such standards that will inure to the benefit of the entire project. The committee or its representatives shall have inspection rights during construction to determine compliance with approved plans and in building codes. Where discrepancies exist, the committee may require corrective work or, where warranted, in its opinion, may issue a note to cease construction until compliance is assured to its satisfaction. Failure to heed notice of the committee shall operate as a default of the Covenant. The committee shall inspect, or have inspections carried out, on all homes under construction, and those homes that have been finished, to assure their compliance with the protective covenants and restrictions of the community.”

Schedule of Meetings

2nd Thursday of each month starting at 3:00 PM


Title Name Email Appointed Expires
MPOA Administrator Bradford Dyjak     08/2021 07/2024
  Jim Gallant     04/2015 05/2024
Chairperson Suzanne Leedy     9/2015  7/2025
  Cheryl Allen     11/2017 11/2023
   Donna Spisso     5/2023  5/2026
  Leontine (Lee) Cunningham       5/2020   5/2023
Board Liaison Basil Hangemanole        7/2021    7/2024
  Stacey Dahlstrom 9/2022 9/2025

A&E Reference Guide 

Design & Ecology Guidelines- Revised 10-18-2023


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