Board of Directors

The Board consists of eleven elected members from the MPOA community, the MPOA administrator, the MPOA attorney and one elected member of the Mountainside Villas Association.  All MPOA members are invited to attend all meetings. The minutes for each meeting are posted on the web as soon as they are APPROVED by the Board of Directors.

The member’s responsibilities are too numerous to list here. Please refer to the By-Laws of MPOA for details.

Schedule of Meetings

They meet every odd month, the 3rd Saturday, 9:00AM via Zoom.

The MPOA Board of Directors will hold its bi-monthly meeting on Saturday, September 17, 2022 in the J.C. Powell Conference Room (former MPOA Meeting room) at 10:30 a.m.

Executive Session will start at 9am

Anyone in attendance in-person in the MPOA Meeting room who are not fully vaccinated must wear a mask over their nose and mouth in order to protect themselves and others!

The Zoom Link is located at the bottom of the Agenda


September 17, 2022 Agenda

CONCEPT LAYOUT-Springston Tract_08-09-22

MPOA Payment Plan Finance Charge Late Payment and Grace Period Policies (1) 

2023 Proposed Budget Information

2023 Adopted MPOA Budget Package_BOD Meeting

Previous Draft Budget Information-Since Superseded

2022 12 31 Cash Forecast 10_19_22 Revision

2022 10 19 Budget Summary for 2023

2022 10 31 2023 Budget Revision

03 2022 09 27 Adopted Capital Outlay Budget 5yr (1)

Capital Outlay Schedule 2023-27 DRAFT

MPOA 2023 Budget Presentation- Owners Forum







Title Name Email Appointed Expires
President Daryl Borgquist 5/2017 5/2025
Vice President

Basil Hangemanole 5/2017 5/2024
Secretary Mary Cook 5/2020 5/2023
Treasurer Jeff Bolander 5/2021 5/2024
  Betty Newell 5/2000 5/2024
  Kevin Frazier 5/2017 5/2023
  Elizabeth Walker 5/2013 5/2024
  Steven McCurdy 5/2022 5/2025
  Jim Slye 5/2019 5/2025
  Ken Mitzkovitz 5/2019 5/2023
  Michael Foster 5/2022 5/2025
MVOA Representative Wayne Ford 5/2008 5/2023
Attorney Kevin Rose 9/2019 N/A
Administrator Bradford Dyjak 8/2021 N/A

Board Resolution- Friends of Hopkins Park_SIGNED_09-17-22

MPOA Resolution- Springston Tract Lots 9&10_SIGNED

Board Resolution- Lions Club 30th Proclamation_SIGNED

MPOA Board Minutes 21-09-18

MPOA Draft Naming Policy v2.1

2021 Massanutten Village Capital Reserve Executive Analysis 3-8-2021


2022 Budget Information – Approved December 16, 2021

Proposed Budget Cover Memo- 2022

Proposed MPOA Budget Package 2022

2021 Massanutten Village Capital Reserve Executive Analysis 3-8-2021



Agenda & Minutes