Board of Directors

The Board consists of eleven elected members from the MPOA community, the MPOA administrator, the MPOA attorney, one representative from Great Eastern Resort Management Corporation, and one elected member of the Mountainside Villas Association.  All MPOA members are invited to attend all meetings. The minutes for each meeting are posted on the web as soon as they are APPROVED by the Board of Directors.

The member’s responsibilities are too numerous to list here. Please refer to the By-Laws of MPOA for details.

Schedule of Meetings

They meet every odd month, the 3rd Saturday, 9:00AM at the MPOA building.

 All property owners are welcome to attend.


Title Name Email Appointed Expires
President Elizabeth Walker 5/2013 5/2021
Vice President Michael Stockwell 5/2015 5/2021
Secretary Daryl Borgquist 5/2017 5/2022
Treasurer Kevin Frazier 5/2017 5/2023
Eric Millard 5/2012 5/2021
Betty Newell 5/2000 5/2021
Orris Hambleton 5/2016 5/2022
Mary Cook 5/2020 5/2023
Jana Gough 5/2019 5/2022
Jim Slye 5/2019 5/2022
Ken Mitzkovitz 5/2019 5/2023
Developer Appointee Matthias Smith 01/2015 5/2020
MVOA Representative Wayne Ford 5/2008 5/2020
Attorney Kevin Rose  9/2019 5/2020
Administrator Carter Miller 5/2004 5/2020

2020 Candidates for Board of Directors Election


MPOA Board of Directors election results May 16, 2020

2020 Budget Information

Agenda & Minutes