Hopkins Park Committee

A: 11/2020 Jeff Bolander (Board Liaison) E-Mail:jblndr@hotmail.com
A: 07/2019 Jim Slye E-Mail: dukes79@comcast.net
A: 07/2021 Colin Steele E-Mail: colin.g.steele@ampf.com
A: 01/2022 Glen Gorbea E-Mail: riggo441@gmail.com
A: 01/2022 Basil Hangemanole E-Mail: basil.hangemanole@klinemay.com


Hopkins Park Cte Mtg Minutes – 01-19-23_Approved


Board Resolution- Friends of Hopkins Park_SIGNED_09-17-22

220615 Hpkns Prk Cte Mtg Minutes DRAFT v1.3

Hopkins Park Committee shall consist of 3 members  appointed by the President, MPOA Board of Directors. At least one member shall be a member of the Board of Directors and shall act as Chair and Board Liaison.  Meetings held twice a year.



The stated mission of the Hopkins Park Committee is to advise on the appropriate use and availability of all facets of the area commonly known as Hopkins Park, ensuring that the entire area is financially beneficial for MPOA, serves as a recreational, cultural and environmental benefit for MPOA, and through these actions is utilized to its full potential to benefit MPOA owners, guest, and the public.

Term of office: Any owner in good standing with the Association is eligible to be a member of this Committee.


pink tree

Photo taken by Steve Kozup April 2015  in Hopkins Park

hopkins cabin