A: 05/17E: 05/20 Mike Stockwell (Board Liason) mikerstockwell
A: 05/17E: 05/20 Darlene Baugh (Chairperson)
A: 05/17E: 05/20 Dee Johnson
A: 05/17E: 05/20 Orris Hambleton
 A: 05/17E: 05/20 Keith Ebeltoft
 Appointed by the president for a three year term and shall consist of up to 5 members. Officers and meeting dates to be established by the Board of Directors.Purpose: To enhance our sense of community and improve communication within Massanutten Village and increase opportunities to involve more residents in community activities.”Starting in January 2007, at each committee’s first meeting of the year, the committee will elect a chairperson to lead their meetings and manage their committee from a pool of volunteers from that committee. The elected chairperson’s term shall run for that year and end or continue with an election at the first meeting of the following year.”