Rules Committee

The MPOA Board of Directors appointed a Rules Committee consisting of one Board representative, one A&ECC representative, three members at large, and the Administrator. Each member is appointed for a two year term. This committee will meet on an as needed basis to enforce Massanutten Rules and Regulations approved by the Board on March 19, 2007.


Title Name Email Appointed Expires
Board Liaison Jim Slye 7/2021 7/2023
A&ECC Liaison Suzanne Leedy 3/2019 9/2024
Flo Hall 11/2009 9/2019
Nancy Sager 3/2015 3/2022
Administrator Bradford Dyjak 08/2021 09/2030



By the adoption of these regulations, the board appoints a rules committee consisting of its membership, the membership of the A&EC Committee, and such other MPOA members as the Board elected to appoint from time to time.  The rules committee shall not meet as a whole, but shall meet in panels of three, consisting of one board member, one A & E Committee member, and one MPOA member at large.  Each member is appointed for a two year term.  Each rules panel shall have authority to act for the rules committee.  In every calendar month, beginning, 1992, a panel of the rules committee shall convene for the purpose of considering allegations of rules violations brought by the administrator or any affected MPOA member, if any such allegations have been made.  The sitting board member shall chair the panel.  So long as each panel consists of one board member, one A&E Committee member, and one MPOA member at large, rules committee members may rotate into and out of the panels in any method which is convenient to them and acceptable to the board.