Web Site Committee

MPOA Requests Proposals for Website Redesign by March 4th

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MPOA Web Redesign RFP_Final

Schedule of Meetings


Title Name Email Appointed Expires
Bob Hess luigigail@aol.com 01/2021 01/2023
Mary Cook (Board Liaison) mary.cook21@gmail.com 07/2020 07/2024
Erin Miller milleren@gmail.com 07/2016 09/2022

Section 9.  Web Committee.

(a)              Composition.  The Web Committee shall consist of at least four members of the association, at least one of whom shall be a member of the Board of Directors.

(b)             Term.  Web Committee members shall serve terms of two years.  Terms of committee members shall be staggered so that half of the terms-or as close thereto as possible-expire in even-numbered years and half expire in odd-numbered years.  (When making initial appointments to the Committee-or creating new positions thereafter-the President shall set members’ initial terms at one or two years, as necessary to achieve this staggering of terms.)  Within the appropriate year, all terms shall expire on the date of the annual MPOA members’ meeting.

(c)              Appointment.  Committee members shall be appointed by the President.  Any vacancies on the committee will be filled by the President for the unexpired portion of the term.

(d)             Chair.  The committee shall elect one of its members to serve as its chair.

(e)            Function.  The committee shall oversee the maintenance and management of the MPOA Web site.

“Starting in January 2007, at each committee’s first meeting of the year, the committee will elect a chairperson to lead their meetings and manage their committee from a pool of volunteers from that committee.  The elected chairperson’s term shall run for that year and end or continue with an election at the first meeting of the following year.”