Parking in Massanutten – Message from the Police Chief

From the Massanutten Police Department


  • Virginia Parking Code Section 46.2-888 Stopping on highways; general rule


No person shall stop a vehicle in such manner as to impede or render dangerous the use of the highway by others, except in the case of an emergency, an accident, or a mechanical breakdown. In the event of such an emergency, accident, or breakdown, the emergency flashing lights of such vehicle shall be turned on if the vehicle is equipped with such lights and such lights are in working order. If the driver is capable of safely doing so and the vehicle is movable, the driver may move the vehicle from the roadway to prevent obstructing the regular flow of traffic; provided, however, that the movement of the vehicle to prevent the obstruction of traffic shall not relieve the law-enforcement officer of his duty pursuant to § 46.2-373. A report of the vehicle’s location shall be made to the nearest law-enforcement officer as soon as practicable, and the vehicle shall be moved from the roadway to the shoulder as soon as possible and removed from the shoulder without unnecessary delay. If the vehicle is not promptly removed, such removal may be ordered by a law-enforcement officer at the expense of the owner if the disabled vehicle creates a traffic hazard.


To all Residents and others that this letter may affect:


The MPOA Administrator and the MPOA Board of Directors have informed the Massanutten Police Department that residents may park their vehicles off the shoulders of the roads as long as vehicles do not interfere with vehicle traffic and they do not block other resident’s properties etc.


As a reminder, it is illegal to park on any of the roads of Massanutten. This includes the cul-de-sacs. Not only is it a safety issue to protect your vehicle from being hit by other vehicle(s), but also if your vehicle is in the road even a little, it hinders and affects Fire, Rescue and Police. When you have no choice “in your opinion” to park along the side of the roadway, make sure all 4 tires are completely off the roadway.


This is going to be especially important during the winter season as our Maintenance Crew is out trying to keep the roads clean and safe for everyone to drive. If a vehicle is parked on the road, your road will not be plowed as quickly since that vehicle will impede the plow trucks from cleaning the road. Cleaning of this road will be an issue until the driver is located or until a tow truck has come to move that vehicle.


If a vehicle is parked with any of the tires on the road, it will be up to the Officer’s discretion to determine if a Warning or Summons is to be issued. If the owner of the vehicle is not found, then the vehicle may be towed. The time of day or night does not matter, even if it is 2:00am.


Police Officers have issued many courtesy warnings and asked the same people to move their vehicles when they have had plenty of room, open driveways to park in or made no preparation to accommodate for multiple vehicles with MPOA. It is unfortunate that MPD Officers have had to endure the sarcastic comments from some residents when they are only trying to perform their duties. Officers have had to go right back to the same houses where the resident’s guest park in the road and the process starts all over again. The last thing the Police Officer would want to do is issue a Summons to a resident but will do so if necessary.


So let us all work together and please understand the importance of proper parking.



Chief Jess Gordon