Real Estate in Massanutten: Heading Into Fall

By Dave Cureton, Massanutten Realty

Dave Cureton has been a Massanutten resident since 2004 and a Virginia real estate licensee and Realtor® since 2001. Opinions expressed here are those of the author and not of the Massanutten Property Owners Association.  

 My previous posting focused on the real estate in Massanutten’s residential neighborhoods being “special.” That’s because of its mix of primary residences, second homes and vacation rentals, along with ages, sizes and styles of homes. And although the first homes in Massanutten date back nearly half a century, homebuilders are still at work in our neighborhoods, and there are still appealing building lots to be had.

Check out my previous posting for more details on the wide variety of homes – and home prices – in Massanutten.

Inventory – the number of Massanutten homes listed for sale – remained low heading into fall 2019, but not as extreme as during the summer, when buyers had as few as seven houses to choose from – just seven, in a community of more than one-thousand homes!

October began with sixteen Massanutten homes listed for sale in our local multiple listing service, or MLS. Another 11 were under contract. List prices of the “actives” ranged from $189,900 to $459,900. How’s that for variety?

Home sales for the first three quarters of 2019 were running neck-and-neck with the same period a year ago – 56 vs. 55 — but the overall median sale price was up 6.7%, according to MLS data.

As for those building lots: There were 21 lots listed for sale in Massanutten’s residential neighborhoods at the beginning of October. As is usually the case, list prices varied widely – from $9,900 (yes, really) to $69,900. Nine lots had sold since the start of the year.

Remember, this is just a market snapshot of a very small market. Consult any Realtor® familiar with Massanutten for more current and detailed information.

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